Selected Works 2
14 June 2017
2017_Nostalgia a Disease _Kristoffer Axen

2017, Nostalgia a Disease
50x40cm, Pencil on Paper

2016_The Wicked Dream It Was?_Kristoffer Axen

2016, The Wicked Dream It Was?
30x21cm, Pencil on Paper

2016_The Shadow_Kristoffer Axen

2016, The Shadow
30x21cm, Pencil on Paper


2012_Brown Recluse_Kristoffer Axen

2012, Brown Recluse
20×25.5cm, Pencil on Paper

2012_Drifting Away_Kristoffer Axen

2012, Drifting Away
30×25.5cm, Pencil on Paper